[Pidgin] #16475: New release 2.10.11 STILL won't connect MSN accounts

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#16475: New release 2.10.11 STILL won't connect MSN accounts
 Reporter:  Chronia         |       Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  new
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  Version:  2.10.11         |  Resolution:
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Comment (by Mwd4d0P):

 Wanted to update on my bizarre situation:

 There was no such server lag or whatever since the last post, so all of
 the contacts that weren't manually re-added never showed up in the X
 account, i.e., "...the only account that had zero issues (of the non-
 Pidgin variety) after patching...", later becoming "...the only account
 not showing up on any of the other MSN contact lists" post 2.10.11 update.

 Yesterday, a single account (not X) went offline with the message:
 "Connection error from Notification server: Connection refused."

 It refused to connect for over 24 hours.  Using multiple computers and
 also logging into the webmail side for troubleshooting yielded nothing.
 (Incidentally, this manually added personal account only shows up in X via
 the webmail interface when the IM section is toggled to the "available"
 status.  Invisible and Available both make the account come online and
 offline in X's Pidgin list, but that's it.)

 After all that, about half an hour ago, I noticed that the rest of the
 accounts (also not X) went offline and gave the the same error message.
 (Troubleshooting via the webmail interface does nothing other than allow
 feckless toggling of the status; no contact list is displayed there when

 What's weird now is that X is the only account that can successfully
 connect to the MSN server and show a stunted contact list of sorts (where
 only anything re-added manually appears).

 Not sure if X will disconnect in the near future, but this is looking

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