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#16491: This is ugh light on appeals they’re not that strong
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 This is ugh light on appeals they’re not that strong they're very easily
 tolerated and this was after five treatments with a really nice
 improvement in this as you can see is a young girl with acne I another one
 a really sun damage up the neck and then superficial chemical peels and we
 have peeled that are specific tithe eye area to the Parry oral or around
 the lips we have hand peels we have neck feels we have chest feels really
 different fields [http://dietandskinhelp.org/black-diamond-skin-serum/
 Black Diamond Skin Serum] that are different combinations of assets that
 have been shown to work specifically for those anatomical areas here's
 another patient three patients with Lattice so the way this works is that
 on as you probably know you have to use it every day for four months and
 that your induction period thereafter you can go on maintenance some
 people have to stop early because their lashes grow to too much in it hits
 their classes and by then you switch to every other day or every third day
 and they actually get darker & Decker and there are a lot of conditioning
 agents that are sold by non-medical companies this is actually sold by Al
 again which is a very well respected company.

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