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#16508: VIDEO! Watch Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 10 Live Stream Video
Online Free
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 Watch "Person of Interest" Season 4 Episode 10 Live Stream Live Stream.
 Watch Online Free here.

 Be sure to catch "Person of Interest" Season 4 Episode 10 Live Stream Live
 Stream tonight righr here for more of the action drama show at 10 EST!


 Video Here » http://w.atch.me/EFV6oM


 Video Here » http://w.atch.me/EFV6oM


 Tune in tonight at 10 PM to see the midseason finale of "Person Of
 Interest" Season 4! Watch Episode 10, where you can see the fourth season
 episode, "The Cold War," using our free live stream links. Check out an
 awesome preview and sneak-peek video featuring the "Person Of Interest"
 cast including actor Michael Emerson and "The Passion Of The Christ" actor
 Jim Caviezel, start time, spoilers, and more below!

 According to the official synopsis of "The Cold War," Episode 10 of Season
 4 (S04E10), "Samaritan shows the extent of its power by erasing crime from
 New York City for a day in a bold attempt to force the Machine out of
 Make sure you tune in to CBS tonight at 10 PM to catch all of the Season
 4, Episode 10 excitement!

 Won't be able to catch Episode 10 of "Person Of Interest" Season 4 on a
 TV? Well, we've got you covered with free online live stream links!
 Check out a live stream of "Person Of Interest" on this CBS free live
 stream channel online - click here or here (depending on your region, only
 one may be accessible) to watch Episode 10 (S04E10) from your computer!
 What should we look forward to for the midseason finale episode of Season
 4? Warning: S04E10 spoilers ahead!

 According to Mstars News, "Season 4 of Person of Interest returns from its
 short break with an all-new action-packed episode on CBS. Now that Shaw
 (Sarah Shahi)'s cover has been blown and a violent mob war is underway,
 will Reese (Jim Caviezel), and Finch (Michael Emerson) lose to Samaritan
 in 'The Cold War?' As we previously mentioned, The Machine was beaten by a
 much more powerful Artificial Intelligence, known as Samaritan.

 To stay hidden from Samaritan's growing radar, Finch (Emerson) and his
 group assumed normal, regular lives to prevent themselves from getting
 caught. The stakes are even higher now that Shaw's cover was unexpectedly
 discovered by Samaritan. Before going on hiatus, in The Devil You Know,
 Reese (Caviezel) and Finch (Emerson) had to rescue Elias (Enrico
 Colantoni) from his rival, Dominic.

 Though he was able to beat Dominic at his own game, Elias lost one of his
 closest friends in the process. Elias promises to go to war against
 Dominic, but if Reese and Finch get in his way, their alliance is over.
 According to TV, Samaritan attempts to shows its full power by erasing
 crime from the city for a day. This is an attempt to force Team Machine,
 especially Shaw to come out of hiding."

 "In the [preview] footage, a mysterious stranger, Jeremy Lambert, winks at
 the camera and says, "I have a message for the Machine and his agents,
 Samaritan says, 'Hello.'" As the promo states, this is the first part of
 an epic trilogy. The last time the show creators had a trilogy, Joss
 Carter (Taraji P. Henson) lost her life in the crossfire.

 Will Team Machine lose another member? We also mentioned actress Blair
 Brown (Fringe) will make an appearance on POI as Emma on the 14th episode,
 airing in February. Her character is described as "an elegant and warm
 former public school teacher." Forced into early retirement, Emma receives
 a jury summons that teases the promise of some excitement back into her
 life," explains Mstars.


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