[Pidgin] #16510: After renew Lync internal Certificate Pidgin not work

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#16510: After renew Lync internal Certificate Pidgin not work
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 We need your support in the following issue

 We have Lync platform and we make a renew for the internal certificate
 used to communicate between the front end and edge servers
 After this renew all the pidgin client can not sign in and receive error
 unable to validate the certificate
 We try several actions like
 Solution 1
 1. Close Pid¬gin
 2. Find your cer¬tifi¬cates folder (Win¬dows: %appdata%\.purple) (Linux:
 3. Delete every¬thing in the cer¬tifi¬cate folder.
 4. Restart pid¬gin and even¬tu¬ally you should get a new cer¬tifi¬cate
 that works.
 P.S: Win¬dows users who aren’t fami¬lar with %app¬data% just type
 %appdata%\.purple in your address bar and press enter.
 Solution 2
 The first thing is to remove the invalid cer¬tifi¬cate. This can be done
 from Tools->Certificates.
 After that, you might try to just recon¬nect and it might get a valid
 cer¬tifi¬cate, and you are done.
 In case you are not, if run¬ning on Linux, you can do:
 echo QUIT | openssl s_client –con¬nect

 but all actions did not solve the issues

 I appreciate your help and support

 thanks and regards

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