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#15904: skin care proper
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 needs to be applied indoors and he's a setup for 15 minutes before you do
 anything else to it so then don't immediately that put on your foundation
 whatever this is a broad-spectrum blocks a and the light which is
 [http://goarticles.com/article/Skin-Care-and-Feel-Good/8382738/ AURAVIE]
 great another some like that I use I use this one next my hands and on my
 chest this what I actually just picked up a free sample a major challenges
 of this is a vine you are a UV B SPF 30 I really like this on don't know
 my face because I tried on my face by at least it's thicker and it leaves
 more a com coating that I can feel and my makeup doesn’t apply as well
 kind of balls up in roles of so I like this because I can almost use this
 as a primer this is such a nice smooth finish that on the makeup goes
 angry over its that’s why you sat on my face something else on my Justin’s
 I do treaty lips because they feel so dry in the morning and so I've been
 using this I before this is a user in product lip repair protect and this
 has broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen in it which listed as well so I A put
 a little that my lip set up and it keeps them feeling nice and moist well
 I you know finish up my makeup style mohair and do all that stuff for
 ready to go alright solve this simple morning routine now in the evening
 lot more complicated I know I’ve talked a lot about the vitamin C Serum
 ohm in the evening first thing I do is take off my I makeup and then I
 wash my face again with this era be hydrated cleanser and my media to I'll
 clear sonic what is its sonic face machine I should brought down appall
 into my clear sonic review video here I love that I got Christmas only
 been using it for two months what a difference it has made in my skin ohm
 I use it with the serve and it's nice because it this doesn't pull up so
 on you now with sonic thing I've seen some people on YouTube for use it
 and phone gets crazy but it doesn't Beaumont and takes off every scrap of
 make-up on and then my skin is so clean and it helps my anti-aging serums
 to absorb better so that’s great so after I wash and pat dry um now okay
 this might be a little confusing I am on is weird schedule like
 alternating nights because I'm trying to work in my retinoic cream into my
 regiment and you really need to start using it like once a week and then
 after a month that you build up to twice a week you maybe have stretching
 out to bar no but after month that he got to like three times a week that
 you don't four times we can you see if your skin can tolerate using it
 every day I don't know if I can on especially since I want to use the
 vitamin C Serum every day but com but the trend line is great and there's
 different schools of thought

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