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#15916: weight loss permantly
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 their life and tell them that lifestyles actually hurting you more than
 it's helping you it's threatening to Rachel's mom and that's the last
 thing I want people all want the same thing we've all-white Rachel's
 family to [http://www.zencleanseadvice.com/ Zen Cleanse] be happy and
 healthy to have this incredible future together that they were in a deal
 stock it out makes you got all the right foods in the house phase one is
 done is time for Rachel to take this moment to men carried on into Phase
 two after next month I do have Google hey your six-month call it's going
 to be still is 55 pounds 55 pounds may seem so easy compared to the eighty
 pounds but we're getting down to the nitty-gritty this is the next phase
 for your face to go and call it a milestone it’s it's physical monster
 really actually getting appreciate and and experiences the body you been
 working we're different now memory California so you want to be 203
 Verizon mass it's not set in yet that he's that I'm doing this on my own
 now and I have that nervousness and Fatima summit I believe in %um by
 because when I'm usually by myself Icon acquit you got this Rachel but I'm
 going to go into it and I'm going to give it my all and I'm going to do my
 best to you me this next go in and get ready for my mouse on unbelievable
 on mental illness here in the last time I had a real vacation and now I'm
 getting to spend in Greece remember other and I get to spend it at 289
 pounds fees beautiful but again I'm at this is such a beautiful place I
 just want to learn know what to experience you know the whole thing and we
 began a Greek salad where now dollars it was extremely hard to be while on
 vacation and everything you have to go out to eat everything on male my
 time on that in a minute home there ‘seven a whole lot better when it
 comes to sing special daily he's already dropped like fifteen-pound the
 bank and then they bring us out these complimentary dessert oh my god I
 separated you're going to hurt their feelings if we don't need it
 Louisiana where you be in order

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