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#15928: weight loss activities
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 come over the last nine months and just to give them that that glimpse how
 much that they transform arriving here as usual as there was no sway as a
 whole new experience well hello first time I came here I was a completely
 different person reaching back now coming here the home near outlook on
 life now there's a part right now hell there's a paraffin get are tired
 don't yeah unbelievable she looks incredible but I'm not exactly sure she
 lost as much as I had expected well we are here for the nine months away
 cell to see how the last three months back sounds good alright well here
 we are again Saturday Night Live where you know I finally did your
 239pounds now you can call to be around 50 percent your starting weight
 which means you have to lose approximately if you pass
 [http://zencleansehealth.com/ ZEN CLEANSE] or to be around 190 and
 teachers low awe possibly can know to get the surgery they step on the
 scale yes sir right me cell you know I finally gave your 239pounds and he
 had a goal to be around 50percent your starting weight which means you
 have to lose approximately 50 pass or to be around 190 pound get yours
 lows we possibly can know to get surgery be ready alright meantime me on
 when I see three pounds my first thoughts you just screw yourself into
 surgery more happen any fear no its wind law when I got back home the for
 staying at the resort groceries and own portion of a rich in but all-
 American minutes every single day went on of the Buddha in low of course
 are just ate whatever mean whatever was available movies still have all
 these pressure going and I know you have to learn how to do with them but
 sometimes I feel overwhelmed and when it came down to it was pardoned
 Tristan it wasn't going to the gym working out because I was put in a
 break-in time I don't care what anybody says the view I believe thank you
 for telling me about its last phase a catcher tomorrow does the doctor
 stoker and will let him if the decision I'm K well you have quite a bit
 have loose cannon with that attach to it but primarily Lewis can't in this
 area sometimes large amount extra skin running in creating friction can
 inhibit them from losing extra weight and dad can discourage them this
 feels very then it's pretty empty last year is always delicate balance
 whether you hold of and make the patient lose as much weights you think
 they can whether you help them at that time okay well the question really
 is the right thing for you now or not I think the year an excellent
 candidate for surgery physically you're a good candidate but I want to
 make sure that found a World War perspective that is the right thing for
 you in your life right now so asked about you guys a few minutes to chat
 okay things that are a chance soil on a ill bit complicated just because
 you lost three pounds in the last three months in hand it to one stop now
 right I’m happy for her because I can see that she needs the surgery but
 at the same time you want her to go to the surgery and come out the king
 that she's done because she's not some I completely give my blessing that
 the surgery my view be fantastic remove the psychological barriers

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