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#15936: Skin Care Tiger
 Reporter:  jimmyadam               |      Owner:  EionRobb
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  Version:  2.10.9                  |   Keywords:  COCO GENIX EYE SERUM
 one that use occasionally that I switch out with that is for morning is
 ginseng is also an eye cream and the gym saying is says for freshening I
 cream bray ton and deep huh so that would have been maybe at
 the[http://cocogenixeyeserum.com/ Coco Genix Eye Serum] twenties before
 tightening term but you know what to serum is not a cream so I need to
 have and I can't I'm going is that the gym thing and no we'll see what
 happens so it's very nice lately cream probably have too much on there but
 came out I'm not going to put on my list because in the morning you don't
 want oil in their lives meeting make it so just that had quite a glow to
 it okay last but not least for the skincare part we have very plain if the
 vitamin C in the day cream and the stuff actually I X was expected because
 it's pressing clay and I didn't like their privacy angelus they may have
 reformulated it but I'm and I was expecting it to be very take not
 absorbing into the skin and I found a that this actually is very likely
 his very nice consistency and it doesn't you don't need much you know it
 much and it’s as an SPF 15 also which we all know wended ok correctly
 there we go and the you know just and because it's a wonderful woman see
 you get that nice glow to the skin which is when your phone so that knife
 it's not oily notebook the with the glow you think a little I’ll Statoil E
 if they do have oily skin I don't want that but as that glow so alright
 now we're going to write to her makeup minute this as quickly as I can and
 it may not get it all on this video may have to do .

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