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#15959: skin care permanent
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 off within just about you can go through a storm its hiring resistant to
 coming up and vitamin C we all know how important it is your anyone’s
 guess now I want [http://splendyrantiwrinklefacts.com/ Splendyr] you to
 look at it beforehand after picture out a woman who is 75 years old let's
 put up the to be forced here after you can season same is the four we just
 look directly ahead had p hatch okay now what we want you to see their I
 want you to watch wrinkled my wrinkle line by line I am shooting vitamin C
 capsule directly into the wrinkle now I wanted you to take a look at her
 neck because we're going to show you be four and then we're going to fail
 if you smell put it directly in lines around now and what you have you
 ever smelled request at we get a drive national lining around me mouth
 area so if you drink from a straw uint8texact same lines yeah now take a
 look then by Chip going to do here is the neck much exact same picture I
 just want you to look at it because we had instant gratification and then
 you long-term financing and this issue long-term cell this you're not
 going to see a big difference right away decision long care by church
 instant act put data on and watch now we're going to take on wrinkle sale
 and we're going to put on the brink of failed when combined link on line
 by line heavier were at the have big blind watch how this fills in it
 amazes me Thursday a dream to watch you do that and you seat on the neck
 and then we want you to see ion me I speak or she will see the same kind
 have them interesting because when you put on any so I add a on makeup in
 me and I area if you put on and you put a on any on a wrinkled RI why
 don't we show the whole face now request I think that just shows you how
 we could make the biggest difference 75-year-old woman now when out
 looking at a young girl here we're looking at a woman was 75 his own now
 lead to add a little lipstick annual see you have no makeup this kid is
 all treatment it is in I lightning it is a lipstick it is excuse me
 national instigated Island each day cream your night cream you cleanser
 York capsules Nora look at hair now makeup at all beautiful are looking at
 this game again I have to show you because it’s hard to believe that this
 one kid could do she'd give any makeup on your face at all she is wearing
 nothing look at your neck winds have beautiful he showed you nothing look
 at the neck a reelection looks dinner too but notice even shorter from the
 corner the meltdown the lines and that's the beauty of this product this
 day cream actually goes in and plumps up those but you can add more later
 on today players you see something you can only handle one here is the day
 cream nature looking at here has little hyaluronic of bubbles the little
 Highland bubbles blowout to 30 times the size they start out as under the
 skin show they temporarily question out your wrinkles anything you would
 then head Chile and again you one more day cream you can just see how it
 gives you luck look at it and you're protecting your skin yeah Israel
 exactly its protection black but what you're

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