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#15963: finger detangling process skin care
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 that I sent my first upload is that my hair started to really cooperate
 with me and finally I have the I was comfortable wearing outlets this
 after bad after year went by is when I finally felt comfortable to do that
 and I have a video old video with my old her legal team yes deep
 conditioning wants to ride the year here keeping your moisturizer at all
 times Obama keeping you here untangled all times is it a huge help when
 you're here because it allows you to have a good slept got laws are here
 to not break of easily because it's more stylized as you may know crew
 here is naturally dry you want to seamy deep conditioning profits on my
 finger detangling process and how I wash my hair and cleanse mohair once a
 month 5 seed cleansing and then call Washington of a week here's a video
 right here well which will show all that when you're going through the
 heat damage recovery the products they use are the least important.

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