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#15983: that obviously weight loss
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 I don't have one simple answer most foods are actually index you don't
 really fine foods that are just saw a balloon Justin silo sag ale fine
 faceted just mono rd just saturated or just Polly they're all mixes but
 opera has more soluble and wheat bran has more inside will bid for the
 most part if you get a very diet has a lot of plants in it you get a lot
 of fiber share those are classics but the problems if you go to that
 culture than is always a lot more things different than just their diet
 but one of the classic things to do is take the population with a really
 lower rate of the disease and follow the migrants to new country and
 haven't changed your diet an adopt eddied of the new country watch and see
 if their disease rates change mistake you know it's not their genes that
 obviously didn't change their genes in the nineteen eighty eight and
 they've done as a bouncer and we will lose all the time the American diet
 loses all the time they had better it's a disease there and they come in
 dakarwestern diet and their prostate cancer goes up the breast cancer goes

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