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#15989: weight loss 1200
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 becauseyou're being too loud before I leave we need to sit down havea
 really serious talk about what's coming up next for Rachel the plan are
 you feeling weekend %uh I'm hoping for bigcelebration hired by grace yeah
 the last time these got on the scalewith with 369 pounds and I
 [http://superyacon1000facts.com/ Super Yacon 1000] get the gold zepa
 pounds in thefirst three months serve the scale says 189 pounds or less
 %uh hit that goal I did say that Greece given in them Rachel step on the
 scale yeah and blast from the Scottish Gaelic a with369 pounds Nike
 golden's eighty pounds in the firstremarks do scale his children and
 pounds or less yet ankle K a shot I'm so sorry I'm not seeing you
 increasing I am innocent in about three weeks I good baby nah loss eighty
 pounds on thedime all none for pool we're going to Greece good the info
 this really is gonna be like herechanging everything I'm not taking the
 easy way out in the morning I actuallyam starting to love myself a lot of
 let's go tell the fam and as a good feeling she did it edit shared 80012
 weeks me yeah I'm so happy for a job because shehad her goal but
 immediately I got work because thefamily support it's just not there and
 I'm leaving so I want to get everybody together sowe can talk about it
 just dairy cow saw the dynamic of the familystarted changing little bit as
 far as like adopting somebody stolethe lifestyles I think we agree in
 winter break at theWynn Las the complaint hurricane 10 in the morn you
 know six-part nine moan and scream and then columnist you know if we were
 saying that we wantto do this in the family will is saying let's do it
 political limitless don't Nazi that like this wewe should be her dad's
 just text try and explainsomething and I'm confused I have no idea
 wherehe's going with this until finally I said look let's stop talkin Tarn
 and let's justwalk the walk is all trans fats now 0 degas now effect out
 of stuff way group president yeah gone ma mama started freaking yeah or
 other yeah the way good don't worry about themoney right now I'm more
 worried about yourhealth she needs to realize that her life is going to
 change and it's goingto start with the kids and for her French onion
 yeahGallego feel me know SK house you know that your alright my style
 where we identify the ownerstime have somebody walk into their life
 andtell them that lifestyles actually hurting you more than it's helping
 you it's threatening to Rachel's mom and that's the last thing I want
 peopleall want the same thing we've all-white Rachel's family to be happy
 and healthyto have this incredible future together that they were in a
 deal stock it out makes you got all the rightfoods in the house phase one
 is done is time for for Rachelto take this moment to men carried on into
 Phase two after next month I do have Google hey your six-month call it's
 going to bestill is 55 pounds 55 pounds may seem so easycompared to the
 eighty pounds but we're getting down to the nitty-grittythis is the next
 phase for your face to go and call it a milestone its it's aphysical
 monster really actually getting appreciate andand and experiences the body
 you been working we're different now memory California so you want to be
 203 Verizon mass it's not set in yetthat he's that I'm doing this on my
 own now and Ihave that nervousness and Fatima summit I believe in %um by
 because when I'm usually by myself Ican acquit you got this Rachel but I'm
 gonna gointo it and I'm going to give it my all and I'm going to do my
 best to you me this next go in and get ready for mymouse on unbelievable
 on mental illness here in the last time I had a realvacation and now I'm
 getting to spend in Greece remember other and I get tospend it at 289
 pounds fees beautiful but again I'm at this issuch a beautiful place I
 just want to learn know what toexperience you know the whole thing and we
 began a Greek salad where nowdollars it was extremely hard to be

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