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#15995: Myers weight loss
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 I hope you know without the tiny that you have to be a certain way for me
 that's not what I'm men all that time my relationship with my dad it's
 always band me doing stuff to impress amber to make him happy and I could
 just tell he feels bad about that an that hard for me to handle cases I
 don't want him to feel disappointed in themselves and feel bad for what's
 happened in the past this transformation is a powered becoming better so
 if you get a workout with free weights maybe fin show me this collector of
 my dad he's never apologize to me about that before so apology it just
 felt like no word we're doing this together and weave ninety days without
 backup but I have him here and even though she's not here I still have
 them as is as a support system there that it needs a safe place for the
 next 90 days spoke that's why Arizona is the best place for own are you
 how are you right well back at this Myers on a team of course this is my
 wife Heidi and she’s a coach an amazing trainer so you can be in wonderful
 hands of her and Sam you have hands I hands Richard is in the you exercise
 their assess and sell with all the bumps.

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