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#15999: weight loss 906
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 consumer safety network James Turner Mary Stoddard say they've been trying
 for years to convince the FDA that aspartame should be taken off the
 market but their most recent attempt failed they barely acknowledged the
 possibility that some people may be harmed their basic position is that
 everything they’ve looked at all the data has come into there's nothing 0
 that suggest to them that there's any problem the food and drug
 administration made me aspartame is sick but that's no comfort for Edith
 Johnson you are talking with a very angry lady I am furious today they had
 no right to market for my message to people is drink water you don't need
 aspartame in your life it's everywhere try walking down 1 I’ll in the
 grocery store without finding aspartame in from them is it say if you
 don't have ever been approved that all depends on US what would you like
 to tell people about that became hand avoided hi FTA representatives would
 not speak toes on camera but they did send us
  this statement a href="http://simplygreencoffeefacts.com/">Simply Green
 Coffee Bean</a> anything agency stands behind its decision the same it
 then goes on to say the FDA remains ready to act if it receives what he
 considers to be credible scientific evidence but until then NutraSweet
 will remain on the shelves your grocery store reporting live alenesardonic
 now back to you traces very
 interesting report their lean thank you okay it is my hope for video I am
 going to try to leave it counts cut I want to be 140 Ernie
 a href="http://simplygreencoffeefacts.com/">Simply Green Coffee Bean</a>

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