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#16004: skin care neat &clean 03
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 rock anyway just gonnasteal their water and let my lips pursed going to
 take this crap and I took rather than its costs like this something
 cucumber which [http://bellecomplexskin.com/ Belle Complex] is only thing
 I don’t like now it's time to moisturize they had do the rest the steps
 next thing I managed to you a take my moisturizer had a most racers
 highest amount of it in the ass still you see if then we start well Insure
 I cream from benefit when it comes to look you can't email is safe bet and
 then you open it up and almost out says I love this thing and itself so
 delicious kadonren through even file the container life with how flipping
 yes this is my is the desk you I’m fine and I think drops and then I'm
 just going to take all the facts from the teen actor little section on
 that he's hoping and I'm just going to at peace to my face passes for stem
 micromere guys that I think for you this vitamin C is really going to feed
 into my again and work 0 sell three drops is enough for by higher raised
 ass into my life right after their knees actual moisturizer I'm just going
 to take a little bit moisturizer from the benefit container and my
 strength my face safe very nice SM palm my neck so the second to last text
 my think this is intelligent beauty last for me I Rangers a Ukraine it day
 and night and on it is just take a little bit on the backs Mike Green hand
 is this just anxious really nice clean because it's going to you I area so
 I'm just going to take my ring finger from my right hand and then asking
 it had this right around 0 here and work pocket I'm just going to let
 happy I am limited travel alone but the majority hi I'm Kasich or I feel
 are concentrating and here towards the outer part you know allot of people
 left to pack it on her back this is actually the most effective plays
 right here whatever splat senate do the rest hellyeah I'm this CE okay for
 now the last stages obviously own lip balm for my let's and going to bed
 now this is the coolest access waste stream out this one has FPS 15 which
 is really great for a daytime thing in the outdoors bats I just really
 like it's not gonnahappen tiny little pieces here now with the first you
 can actually become even more strikes nine let's 0 that you can I feel
 that great content making it because I duty a lot time ask for details she
 my skin and healthy and fifteen carat because I know that I’m going to get
 older eventually Chris the people nice it's your face and the only way for
 you to make us look good it take care your skin underneath trust me when I
 have basking days my makeup get Jessie for my skin it's not a half bad
 makeup days it's what I have bad game day cell yeah I hope he's enjoyed my
 little nighthawk gate routine don't forget to gather description blast at
 a low for all of it information all the details and a half lead to some
 products and nasty right down exactly yeah I'm address thanks to our high-
 fate write down a list of all fights aids from a tight asking carotenes
 said yes they see create guys thank you so much for watching and okay fail
 hi everyone this is going to be a new series on this channel eat is going
 to be videos where I discuss skincare if someone you don't know I've
 started out am running over a beauty as a beauty website and then I
 eventually added the YouTube channel supplement that website and now
 they're pretty even I spend pretty equal time on both the website and the
 YouTube channel making videos 3 me tell you that is when I originally
 conceived up my beauty website I was actually more focused on skincare and
 sort of trying chill debunk cider ridicule best beauty claims that pervade
 the beauty industry still and probably always will because we don't
 regulate the beauty industry that well at least United States in terms of
 he’s outlandish claims that they make about how they're going to make us
 younger or make us book more drastically beautiful cell anyway I tell you
 that by way of certain introduction for this series because I feel like
 with my website YouTube channel I have almost exclusively while deployed
 forth YouTube channel but the website too

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