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#16006: Not able to connect
 Reporter:  vidyadharpujari  |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect           |     Status:  new
Milestone:  2.10.10          |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.9           |   Keywords:

 I am not able to connect. Please find below bug report.

 (10:06:32) account: Connecting to account vpujari at oatrium.wustl.edu/.
 (10:06:32) connection: Connecting. gc = 05285928
 (10:06:32) dnssrv: querying SRV record for oatrium.wustl.edu: _xmpp-
 (10:06:32) dnssrv: Couldn't look up SRV record. DNS name does not exist.
 (10:06:32) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for oatrium.wustl.edu
 (10:06:32) dnsquery: IP resolved for oatrium.wustl.edu
 (10:06:32) proxy: Attempting connection to
 (10:06:32) proxy: Connecting to oatrium.wustl.edu:5222 with no proxy
 (10:06:32) proxy: Connection in progress
 (10:06:38) util: Writing file accounts.xml to directory
 (10:06:38) util: Writing file
 (10:06:49) jabber: Sending (ssl) (vidyadharpujari at gmail.com/B7E74C83): <iq
 type='get' id='purplea4887c27'><ping xmlns='urn:xmpp:ping'/></iq>
 (10:06:49) jabber: Recv (ssl)(79): <iq
 to="vidyadharpujari at gmail.com/B7E74C83" id="purplea4887c27"
 (10:06:53) proxy: Connecting to oatrium.wustl.edu:5222.
 (10:06:53) proxy: Error connecting to oatrium.wustl.edu:5222 (Connection
 timed out.).
 (10:06:53) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Connection timed out.
 (10:06:53) jabber: Couldn't connect directly to oatrium.wustl.edu.  Trying
 to find alternative connection methods, like BOSH.
 (10:06:53) dnssrv: querying TXT record for oatrium.wustl.edu:
 (10:06:54) dnssrv: Couldn't look up TXT record. DNS name does not exist.
 (10:06:54) jabber: Unable to find alternative XMPP connection methods
 after failing to connect directly.
 (10:06:54) connection: Connection error on 05285928 (reason: 0
 description: Unable to connect)
 (10:06:54) account: Disconnecting account vpujari at oatrium.wustl.edu/
 (10:06:54) connection: Disconnecting connection 05285928
 (10:06:54) jabber: jabber_actions: have pep: NO
 (10:06:54) connection: Destroying connection 05285928

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