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#16007: weight loss 211
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 '''Your local''' to knew you for new fitness food and motivational videos
 his life share and subscribe to my YouTube channel I website do follow me
 on Facebook Integra and Twitter to stay connected with me thanks guys
 hello and welcome to yoga with Adrian I’m Adrian today we're going
 [http://raspberryultraketoneadvice.com/ Raspberry Ultra Ketone] to learn a
 quick sequence for weight loss so we’re going to use the entire body
 stimulate the belly get that digestive tract happy and healthy for the new
 year and we're going to begin today on IMAX to on our backs so let's come
 to flat back position morning in this pony tail is not working-out from an
 area alright imp I'm going to quench into my chest linked in through the
 back the neck I’m impressed my head like I did in shove awesome video I'm
 depressed levels in trauma shortly in together and downs creating a
 littlespace broad collar bone here open chess mom no blacks back down then
 extend might like that long and inhale reach my fingertips up in over my
 head full body stretch here from finger tips to toes I can point flex the
 fee in this is organic here this is the easy breezy beautiful cover girl
 and I really just want to take a moment right now to say that the organic
 movement we can find and create the more correct we're doing our yoga so
 although I'm here to guide you feel free to move within the sequences
 especially as we continue on through the year fine at organic movement in
 your body okay so I mean in Hamlin stretch one last time just full body
 searches waking up from finger tips to toes and on exhale I'm

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