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#16010: be happy weight loss
 Reporter:  girlminna  |      Owner:  EionRobb
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 okay I hear what you're saying if I were in your position now recession
 doctor position he's gay the surgery its what's up as fear you want it
 fair elicit deserves the best ending after it sparked a MIDI controller
 that what doctor stoker's doing it the right thing I know hope that she
 wants me know she wants it now but it's not your best interests should buy
 see so much more time after finally in and just I'm going to stay in there
 not so good about myself because I because you lost 215 pounds year do you
 think anyone washing is going to think last Gary no its it's about feeling
 it for myself and media to stand there speak like a happy about myself
 lunch yeah I'll be happy about the weight that lost but not to be happy
 about the way that I like I'm solo Hartford Kars so hard for this but
 witless line that's your health Campbell he’s not going to you should
 selling yours basic almost hear me here in South Florida p we Melissa
 called me about the blue and says she's going to go spend time with Jackie
 from season 2 Jackie’s been drawn struggles .

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