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#16028: weight loss 12
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 alrightsounds good our end Richard is realize yet but just due other size
 the city doesn't have a scale that way on and so we need to do on the
 fates guess and no I'm obese but for me to have to stay in their on a
 scale in a loading dock in Weymouth self boom as some believe what
 [http://garciniatotaloriginal.com/ Garcinia Total] I ready to face the
 scale yes I am because I'm ready way for I'm on gone on things on me on
 could depress huh 369 helms as unbelievable S three people right there no
 one should ever wear that much this is not a lot its own mistakes in all
 things in them do something about it mister know that I’m never going to
 stand right here in this moment ever getting see that number never again
 yeah hand I'm ready so now we're going to go to the well as kitchen where
 she's going to get off all crash course in nutrition this is really
 Rachel’s taken into yeah anytime you get veggies going in here it gives
 you volume without the calories for the average women in this country
 probably needs to be eating between 1500 to 1700 calories the morbidly
 obese that we've seen here are consuming approximately 3500 to 6,000
 calories is little guys puffed-up right nothing ever Fritos polish was
 easily over a thousand calories and her healthy version was 350 calories
 hmm okay this is barely working and your hand image finally it's time for
 that first workout I we're pushing and pushing and Fisher because I want
 to see if she's going to fight or she's going to run fine yeah it down
 into it and potash all those using trouble always the black sheep I always
 a clash let's go come on Bush blush plus you everything well likely to be
 to wait finally I am literally being pushed tithe limit where I can't
 breed can brief you got this yes you can Amanda Bines there you’re not
 flying poor 3 few one that stuff good guy show me what you got shelf go
 faster now faster pp I knew you got to give you need to get up been up to
 you have to rate down giddy up yeah come on you're not trying hard enough
 Indeed a hundred and fifty percent okay great spam yes it can thank you
 yes yeah don't you care to a temper tantrum right now you can be fine I'm
 if don't know me by Brittani garment come if it 10 yeah no done group here
 whenever we see miss yeah good chance first and they never 15 well I this
 isn't just one workout the rest now I'm not going to quit I’m not going to
 give up all my hopes and dreams I mean we've pushing myself I that's
 everything elect300 bring in film who I for now but UN Hughes’s I've got
 to get you have been secretary favorite huh few she's so grateful for the
 opportunity and just to push through it with more than she'd even push
 through the whole workout it was the most in incredible thing that that I
 have ever experienced for sure man I hey this transformation is going to
 be awesome coming up good Dawn fans that now got way the way good support
 system is kind of fall apart greater see how she looks after 1 Ste rules
 low you some you can't all over and it's time for me to take Rachel back
 to Atlanta before I even took Rachel for I tutor Street few school track
 and I wanted to bring her family and to meet their but also to lock in
 this family unit is family support system survey could really true leaf
 tea compassion and appreciated what it's like just to live a day in the
 life Rachel what you can step on over here I'm going to show you what we
 got going on today depressing walk a mile in her shoes what exactly what
 we're going to be doing today I'd actually got a lot to wait right here in
 sandbags as so we're going to take you up to you per week where she is
 right now and I'm going to get you the opportunity to walk around the
 track joists now who can demand would it be I really want the family to
 see what it was like to experience 370 pounds already yes sir alright I've
 always hidden away from my family and to know that they were putting on
 all this extra weight just to support me means no sound well say we do for
 mynah scale something as the yeah I'll be there with you and I'm in the
 same way so yeah I know you're feeling better ready I’m ready on air for
 one step at a time that's what it takes rituals family is great and they
 seem so supporters for Rachel as somehow gained over 250 pounds in this
 family and so really making sure that the family is there through this
 transformation itself most important they are the support group thousand
 jobs betrays something I can bum we only did it for what a quarter mile
 and she does it everywhere for you where to go there you know like that
 one appreciation her yeah could save theme Rachel we are family wert now I
 mean we will make it through this will make a lifestyle change for our
 whole entire family eye care how great is that the finally be home its
 absolutely wonderful I'm so excited because why we're at boot camp
 completely transformed Rachel's house to comedy her new lifestyle this
 yeah agenda back room which was the room she gained so much weight into
 home gym welcome home rates are search and this is where your
 transformation is going to happen got all the tools that will transform
 got all the examples get japans’ you get your badge got just having
 machine got your treadmill just you can switch up your cardio this I am
 going to be working on bottom I love it so there's more whenever there see
 transformation is essentially getting done in different ninety days and so
 in three months I need to lose okay already have a number I had already
 experienced I'm show impasse number but Ballmer is but I'm not doing this
 you know eighty pounds is how I'm doing this throne camp at his house I
 will reach the eighty pounds I have no doubt

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