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#16034: instead nice weight loss
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 I'm in means the world to me I A for most of my life I'm want the Agassiz
 like I said I believe really been steeper into nutrition for about seven
 years I'm before I started working at psyche truth was all obsessed with
 nutrition and I feel like I was just going off althea time about nutrition
 and nobody gave a wrap I mean my previous job me nobody I would you know I
 work withal these different people and I would try to talk to them about
 artificial sweeteners that they had this huge thing of Splendid in the
 kitchen island and I like put anode on it you know it was like you know
 you know shouldn't please avoid this speech issue sugar instead nice and
 how this email with all this extensive research about artificial
 sweeteners send it to my entire work and no one even responded so the fact
 that I have found community of people who actually appreciate this
 information not only eat like touches my heart tithe deepest core of my
 heart .

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