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#16037: weight loss
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 going to continue doing means as well just trying to keep myself in check
 have to be at like the exact week now forever but keeping weekly weigh in
 is very helpful to me and my some to on number six is to stay motivated up
 whatever keeps you motivated keep that in your life every day for me I
 like slicing my Biggest Loser Extreme Makeover weight loss edition I’m
 read like motivational quotes on Interest use my computer backgrounds who
 like a motivational quote: interest change every week and you don't have
 enough picture beach on your computer me this disclosed really motivates
 [http://raspberrytrimfacts.com/ Raspberry Trim] you stay motivated books
 movies whatever you watching Americas next top model you work out last act
 whatever works for you stay motivated on number seven 8 are things that I
 already did continue to do to me healthy lifestyle nasty practice and
 drink lots of waters he's done those things into a little different now is
 that really being practiced it makes sense to me as much in the morning as
 you can I missed something don't mind don't is I don't eat a lot night eat
 too much before so my new plan now is a work earlier in the day makes me
 feel much better throughout the day you don't really need a lot energy at
 night just sleep so I practice safe sex every day favorite day and of
 course I drink lots water helps me stay away from bad foods batch thanks
 to you so I hope this is helpful for you guys I would like to do like food
 blogs like 18 no I didn't tell you guys too much like what I actually do
 eat but there's just too much to say just keeping this one video so I
 would like to do more health and fitness videos in the future please give
 this video a thumbs up if you like this if you want to see more videos
 like this and leave me some comments below what are your favorite movies
 novels what you do to stay in what motivates you so really enjoy reading
 your comments interacting you guys I hope you guys are doing great I hope
 this was helpful and I'll see you in the next video thank you for watching
 1 percent one-year one amazing transformation starts with him my interest
 now I specialize in basin transformation this right here for sure a system
 where when it comes tithe morbidly obese every time you tell me you can
 see some with a friend soon as you can there's no one better with the in
 the year two hundred fifty pounds yeah crazy the ratio and elementary PD
 teacher who left heron way get out of control have always been pretty girl
 trapped inside back girl's body following at only 21 years old she’d given
 up on life and take to this with so in their thing do whatever it takes go
 lucky for her Chris is about to get her life back in contralto you do next
 now you'll see them year of her life it won't be easy yeah you'll see her
 two things she never dreamed she could fired leading up to a fine way 365
 days Ste alright so I'm 21 and I am 220 pounds every way it makes me think
 honestly because I feel like I'm a disappointment no one else in my family
 is there a way am would really be of an early I am the one who sticks out
 here and think home when we sit down to eat I eat with the family eats we
 don't talk about how morbidly obese I am like if I did ever go away myself
 out a lot of parents I ever wanted topsoil appearance I feel like my whole
 entire life is display miss like nothing mad do I won homecoming queen 01
 valedictorian I have a trophy case for trophies not that even seems like a
 true ever compensate for the fact that I am a disappointment because I'll
 wait and I don't think I could ever really make appears crowd until Oct do
 lose this weight yeah Viet are you down white boxy 3 by my you 3 I a.m.
 the PT sir we're not I want to see TN perfect jumping Jack's ok I get out
 there at 220 pounds overweight and I get out there talking about access
 and they are you ready set go why I could hear you paint this process
 takes are against me there’s so many obese people that passed away because
 the complications because they're away I Christophe music for this because
 I don’t want to be a statistic I want this and I need this more than
 anything where outside Regional School where she teaches a little first-
 graders PE and she has she has no idea that I’m here some now is bringing
 yeah Fri Jul she's the proverbial overachiever she does everything so well
 and the one thing that she just has not been able to conquer is your way
 she struggled with it all her life and she brought it to me and I read a
 letter I just knew miss you be a perfect transformation nah class today oh
 yeah his name Chris grit but guess what and choose you yeah I flew all the
 way across the country to get yes going to for yeah Sarah this means that
 I have a future that means that I am sure and I'm until ready for Hannah I
 in the year many spending a lot of time together over the next year and
 she's going to go on a lot to be and I now got twelve months your life is
 going to change for castrated Evans Saturday Iran yeah I guess you might
 now that I surprise Rachel the next steps due camp I within 24 hours
 wonderfully LosAngeles one week you ready your alright you camp is alone-
 week crash course where quarter individual out to the environment which
 they got past in fewer completely neutral environment where I can keeps
 them everything that they will need to know to transform all welcome to
 the California health longevity Institute well Gary phalanx I'm feeling
 good I’m ready to get ago and I'm ready to get started by growth goes
 through this so much I ready to get started so along those lines are I
 need to know what I'm working with I need to a UN so when I want to do is
 we’re upstairs it change damage in the back alrightsounds good our end
 Richard is realize yet but just due other size the city doesn't have a
 scale that way on and so we need to do on the fates guess and no I'm obese
 but for me to have to stay in their on a scale in a loading dock in
 Weymouth self boom as some believe what I ready to face the scale yes I am
 because I'm ready way for I'm on gone on things on me on could depress huh
 369 helms as unbelievable S three people right there no one should ever
 wear that much this is not a lot its own mistakes in all things in them do
 something about it mister know that I’m never going to stand right here in
 this moment ever getting see that number never again yeah hand I'm ready
 so now we're going to go to the well as kitchen where she's going to get
 off all crash course in nutrition this is really Rachel’s taken into yeah
 anytime you get veggies going in here it gives you volume without the
 calories for the average women in this country probably needs to be eating
 between 1500 to 1700 calories the morbidly obese that we've seen here are
 consuming approximately 3500 to 6,000 calories is little guys puffed-up
 right nothing ever Fritos polish was easily over a thousand calories and
 her healthy version was 350 calories hmm okay this is barely working and
 your hand image finally it's time for that first workout I we're pushing
 and pushing and Fisher because I want to see if she's going to fight or
 she's going to run fine yeah it down into it and potash all those using
 trouble always the black sheep I always a clash let's go come on Bush
 blush plus you everything well likely to be to wait finally I am literally
 being pushed tithe limit where

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