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#16049: teeth care 24
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 older and can do well by herself what do you mean tooth fairy well like
 teaching your child to spit out the toothpaste and that swallowing it also
 you want to switch out your child’s toothbrush every three to four months
 and after he's been sick this is good to know so here's a question for you
 what if your child doesn't want to brush anything you can
  do to encourage brushing [ http://illuminatedteethfacts.com/ Illuminated
 Teeth] of course the best ways positive encouragement say things like
 great job getting your teeth clean or I’m proud of you for brushing so
 well as the Tooth Fairy the spaces are music to my ears great job exactly
 another fun way is to brush our teeth together and be a role model or
 maybe have your child watch older children as they brush their teeth may
 be a big brother or sister or an older friend fantastic so we have just a
 little time left earlier we went outside to collect some questions are you
 okay to take a few I'd be happy to okay let's go outside and see what's
 happening how often should my daughter see dentist how can I find a good
 dentist it's a great question I wish I thought to ask that the best way is
 to ask your child’s health care professional to recommend one or visit the
 state health department sent a website it's a great resource and how often
 should .

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