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#16051: skin care neat &clean 25
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 guys let me know if you have any other questions and if you like this
 video not helpful please give it a thumbs upend subscribe if you haven't
 already and please share my videos if you if you find something I have
 some good things to say sure face booking out we're just about there now
 [http://amacariantiaging.org/ Amacari] hope your friends to not put baking
 soda on their faces into space in crack okay where you have a wonderful
 day and I’ll talk to you in San by the nine ok the new one good the mica
 do said hi cell day I am going to be doing my mankind's skincare routine
 cell I'll show you my gain clarity because it changed a little bit set
 skin from a hacker case about I'm 8:30 at night and CS time together as on
 the face makeup I'm actually wearing pretty heavy makeup today and if you
 tell I went to all test I shock you need allot of swatches I did just
 watch it here my next time if you can see them and the way you like
 waterproof eyeliner why I at I red lipstick obviously for habitation
 eyebrow all that mess so you can see my real skinny once a take out a
 sausage feels really good at night when I just like after a brief press
 talk about my favorite Heisei any scene for a while for my skincare
 routine I have some of them are I mentioned my I'm getting ready for bed
 video that I did a while back and that this was going to be more Alike
 talking stereo can't do you mean SEM my reviews and some other products
 that first thing I do is take classes my face and eye makeup and way used
 to take it off is my times calls cream a class act actually doesn't have
 the wine and a smaller container which is that DA Way Caddo facial scrub
 traded I have the video in the Description box below but say is that every
 other day a out any and classic really don’t affairs guess he can even use
 it every day if you want but sassed ironies this month first I'm eighty
 favorite you have favorite cities for myself and obviously the once I get
 the entire and fight hackers as well but and therein a separate container
 and when I do say just take my fingers and you're going to see I am mister
 of it may face first K AM almost tell me cut this is like Avery old school
 way to take your makeup of I'm almost tell me back in SB if you used to
 watch that other so far they use to I am take their makeup of make it that
 early eighties and as far as that is when it that was invented but mom
 tell me she's to watch soap operas so operate and the actresses take their
 makeup of with this and then tissues cell itself or two of as you like the
 best way for me to take my me a high stick to fight for my makeup remover
 and just do my eyes and the rest my face but this is way more affordable
 and other wife activation by on-screen you can buy anywhere their soul
 everywhere I'm anyway committee 1by and mister by take you all of the
 makeup of my face first strike back huh taking back our house of Park
 payments okay so that's what their diet that might get and then and it
 take little bit more then I met him I so I just go like this and then a
 jimmy rather galaxies this back and forth and it's really gentle I like to
 read it back and forth just two really get all the care of yet innermost
 like I'm waterproof mascara which is really call anyway subcommittee can
 text me one and just yes me and their style hat section of I think makes
 very funny fresh which I've had for really long time now I actually to
 replace that crashed because and if you can tell it's really be very but
 you need replacing it every three months might actually due for
 replacement and I have normal skin

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