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#16054: skin care neat &clean 25
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 low for all of it information all the details and a half lead to some
 products and nasty right down exactly yeah I'm address thanks to our high-
 fate write down a list of all fights aids from a tight asking carotenes
 said yes they see create guys thank you so much for watching and okay fail
 hi everyone this is going to be a new series on this channel eat is going
 to be videos where I discuss skincare if someone you don't know I've
 started out am running over a beauty as a beauty website and then I
 eventually added the YouTube channel supplement that website and now
 they're pretty even I spend pretty equal time on both the website and the
 YouTube channel making videos 3 me tell you that is when I originally
 conceived up my beauty website I was actually more focused
 on[http://amacariantiaging.org/ Amacari] skincare and sort of trying chill
 debunk cider ridicule best beauty claims that pervade the beauty industry
 still and probably always will because we don't regulate the beauty
 industry that well at least United States in terms of he’s outlandish
 claims that they make about how they're going to make us younger or make
 us book more drastically beautiful cell anyway I tell you that by way of
 certain introduction for this series because I feel like with my website
 YouTube channel I have almost exclusively while deployed forth YouTube
 channel but the website too has moved away a lot from talking about
 skincare and couldn't truth to beauty industry claims I think I don't want
 to get back to those routes and do more videos and features on a website
 pep talk about real skin care ingredients that actually do positive things
 for your skin instead of having people think fat all these claims are you
 hearing advertisements are somehow true and most of the time they are not
 and I feel like also in the YouTube community there is just so little real
 knowledge about ingredients that are good for your skin and ingredients
 that are very bad for your skin but that people don't know about or the
 just are under the impression that they do something beneficial purpose
 can Sony this is going to be the first installment in the skin care series
 I'm going to focus on dry skin and I'm going to share with you the things
 to look for in products to you help dry skin and share some products with
 you that I have tried personally and that I know are beneficial for
 keeping dry skin moisturized and healthy I may also do you a makeup
 counterpart this if you're interested in makeup that's good for dry skin
 if you're interested in not please leave a comment below if there's enough
 interest I'll go ahead and do that otherwise Eiffel concentrate on
 skincare and of course I will be doing other skincare videos for oily skin
 combination skin and a whole host of other skincare issues and if you
 asking her questions I would love to hear them maybe I can serve gather
 them and see what it is people are most interested in learning
 aboutalright so let's get onto your skin care products that are passed for
 dry skin so I want to start out by sharing some quote-unquote rules that
 you should follow no matter what kind of product you’re buying whether it
 be a moisturizer or cleanser on that number one thing especially for dry
 skin for all skin types but particularly for dry skin because it is much
 more prone to getting cracks NH or just having and your attendance affects
 your skin the number one thing its avoid certain irritating ingredients
 and again this is true no matter what kind of skin you how but I want to
 emphasize an even more for dry skin one is alcohol now there's a debate in
 terms of whether alcohol is actually damaging to your skin and I've read
 summer all scientific articles some saying that it doesn’t have any sort
 of sir free radical type damage on the skin and some saying that it does
 so I think the jury imp terms I love the Ross science is probably still
 out on that issue but alcohol is a dry agent it's very dry on the skin so
 regardless of whether it's calming cell damage to the skin which like I've
 mentioned before iskinda up in the air still it is going to you suck
 moister out a little moisture that you have on your skin out of a scam so
 avoid any type a product has alcohol in it another thing I wanton mention
 is that it’s a little confusing to you know the difference between some
 alcohol's that are OK for scanning some alcohol's that are not okay for
 the skins the number the top to you ingredients that youwanna check the
 label for and make sure you avoid is if it just says alcohol men you want
 to what that if it says Stalcohol you want to avoid that if it says
 something like St alcohol 40 you on a hike at there are other types of
 alcohol usually found at the end up the ingredients list that are not
 actually drying agents but if you see in me the three that I just
 mentioned back on the shelf and avoid that product other ingredients that
 are irritating frequents now this is not just synthetic fragrances
 irritates the skin Assam big misconception people think oh what a natural
 fragrance it comes from client oil or what not that doesn't keep it from
 being an a skincare attend all fragrances that

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