[Pidgin] #16064: Wrong available/not available status when closing message window

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Thu Feb 27 04:43:25 EST 2014

#16064: Wrong available/not available status when closing message window
 Reporter:  David Gausmann  |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect          |     Status:  new
Milestone:                  |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.9          |   Keywords:
 In my company I've added a mechanism to detect pause times of users via
 the available/away time in our company Jabber server.

 This works fine, but sometimes the Jabber server answers that the user is
 available while he is away (or vice versa).
 This error didn't occur while we were using Spark as Jabber client. This
 error only occurred since we are using Pidgin.

 Now I found out when Pidgin fails to set the correct Jabber state:
 When you close a message window it could happen that Pidgin stops sending
 status updates to the Jabber server.
 If you didn't receive a message the entire day or if you keep the message
 window open then everything is fine.

 Furthermore I've seen that some users have wrong "Away since"-times. This
 error seems to depend on the same bug, too.

 We are currently using the version 2.10.7.

 Kind Regards
 David Gausmann

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