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#16078: weight losss 25 0
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 370 pounds already yes sir alright I've always hidden away from my family
 and to know that they were putting on all this extra weight just to
 support me means no sound well say we do for mynah scale something as the
 yeah I'll be there with you and I'm in the same way so yeah I know
 [http://truecleansecompleteadvice.com/ True Cleanse Complete] you're
 feeling better ready I’m ready on air for one step at a time that's what
 it takes rituals family is great and they seem so supporters for Rachel as
 somehow gained over 250 pounds in this family and so really making sure
 that the family is there through this transformation itself most important
 they are the support group thousand jobs betrays something I can bum we
 only did it for what a quarter mile and she does it everywhere for you
 where to go there you know like that one appreciation her yeah could save
 theme Rachel we are family wert now I mean we will make it through this
 will make a lifestyle change for our whole entire family eye care how
 great is that the finally be home its absolutely wonderful I'm so excited
 because why we're at boot camp completely transformed Rachel's house to
 comedy her new lifestyle this yeah agenda back room which was the room she
 gained so much weight into home gym welcome home rates are search and this
 is where your transformation is going to happen got all the tools that
 will transform got all the examples get japans’ you get your badge got
 just having machine got your treadmill just you can switch up your cardio
 this I am going to be working on bottom I love it so there's more whenever
 there see transformation is essentially getting done in different ninety
 days and so in three months I need to lose okay already have a number I
 had already experienced I'm show impasse number but Ballmer is but I'm not
 doing this you know eighty pounds is how I'm doing this throne camp at his
 house I will reach the eighty pounds I have no doubt about it has to be
 frightened for my birthday don’t beat when few with you having burger yeah
 actually no I could ever give one better than that I know you spent your
 whole life georgette I always wanted to travel to Europe so if you hit
 that your present our for me feel the fifth Greece yes yeah got to go
 there got to go I get to meet that goal of course you are who I don't know
 I believe that for the next three months moving in with Rachel and her
 family between early morning wake-up calls okay I great anyway does not
 possess a good and grueling workouts three times away don’t know what's it
 about what do you think about good things are going great she's a
 recount39 house there's no way she's going to miss the school yes I you
 work so good faster when I first got it once so move title me and now it's
 like almost phone off for him three children so she's so determined get
 this done Rachel’s down almost sixty pounds down fifty days for just
 incredible the only thing I worry about now is that star cast doubts about
 the family again soon I'm just going to car a few minutes ago thing and I
 walked into the kitchen and Africa got to shoot for their own because this
 is not a go through every single day for you she for yes I'm yeah tough
 for me and must return to1500 calories that portion into thinking you're
 every three hours days here we got to feeling for you pizza and soda and I
 last night was goodnight have-nots yeah 20 females say leave at this point
 where gambling riches morning work and her mom something nasal Tom because
 you’re being too loud before I leave we need to sit down have really
 serious talk about what's coming up next for Rachel the plan are you
 feeling weekend %uh I'm hoping for big celebration hired by grace yeah the
 last time these got on the scale with 369 pounds and I get the gold zeta
 pounds in the first three months serve the scale says 189 pounds or less
 %uh hit that goal I did say that Greece given in them Rachel step on the

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