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#15866: weight lose here solution
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 He down the daily when I go through these fit and I mean tantrum literally
 hands from and I'm going to go in my next video I'm going to go at it
 really a lot more detail about the cantons because I really think that you
 know people really need to know this now what I change your mind about the
 surgery absolutely not I 100 percent with you this a million times over
 but I also have strong have to decide me in a very supportive loving child
 and wonderful parents and all-black if I with having problems with my
 spouse this would be horrendous we would be split up there would be no
 ability to repair it because quite frankly he would think that I had lost
 my mind I needed to be institutionalized and that's not exactly rating I
 think that we're going to make a video together my health care can I
 because this is a message that we really want to get across to everybody.

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