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#15861: Disable SSLv3
 Reporter:  fedor.brunner  |       Owner:  deryni
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Comment (by fedor.brunner):

 TLS has a variety of security measures:

 * Protection against a downgrade of the protocol to a previous (less
 secure) version or a weaker cipher suite.
 * Numbering subsequent Application records with a sequence number and
 using this sequence number in the message authentication codes (MACs).
 * Using a message digest enhanced with a key (so only a key-holder can
 check the MAC). The HMAC construction used by most TLS cipher suites is
 specified in RFC 2104 (SSL 3.0 used a different hash-based MAC).
 * The message that ends the handshake ("Finished") sends a hash of all the
 exchanged handshake messages seen by both parties.
 * The pseudorandom function splits the input data in half and processes
 each one with a different hashing algorithm (MD5 and SHA-1), then XORs
 them together to create the MAC. This provides protection even if one of
 these algorithms is found to be vulnerable.

 MD5 was effectively broken.

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