[Pidgin] #15879: wrong "iq" detected during login

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Thu Jan 30 18:10:44 EST 2014

#15879: wrong "iq" detected during login
 Reporter:  arisia               |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new
Milestone:                       |   Component:  XMPP
  Version:  2.10.8               |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  facebook connect iq  |

Comment (by deryni):

 pidgin seems to process further stanzas from the server in that Cryptic
 Studios output. I'm a little confused about that and about what exactly is
 causing it to give up. I assume that it probably is the iq error that this
 ticket is about but the behaviour here is just a bit different (maybe
 that's just timing I don't know or the fact that their server seems to
 send us roster sets earlier than I would have expected).

 This instance is the broken server case (incorrect from address on the
 <bind> stanza) which is the problem facebook has. I don't see a ping
 result in the 2.10.7 log from that server but seeing one would be helpful
 (as facebook gets those wrong also and I wonder if Cryptic Studio's server
 does also).

 Can someone with an account on that site/their server kindly report to
 them that their server is broken and ask them to please fix it?

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