[Pidgin] #15508: Support for XEP-0280: Message Carbons

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Mon Jul 7 11:40:15 EDT 2014

#15508: Support for XEP-0280: Message Carbons
 Reporter:  xnyhps                  |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  patch                   |      Status:  new
Milestone:  Patches Needing Review  |   Component:  XMPP
  Version:  2.10.6                  |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  xmpp carbons jabber     |

Comment (by aka_bigred):

 Replying to [comment:11 utapyngo]:
 > Replying to [comment:10 aka_bigred]:
 > > at least some of the people involved with the project have been burned
 by a message going to their phone or PC when they were using the other
 > They all seem to use Facebook, Google Talk and Skype.
 Fair enough, but when a patch has already been written for you, what's the
 hold up?

 > > that pidgin still doesn't support carbons
 > That is why I am still on Gajim 0.16-rc1.
 I've thought about switching to something else, but in my situation I've
 got limited options. My workplace uses Lotus Notes Sametime (which I
 wholeheartedly detest), but I use XMPP for personal communications.  I
 need a tool that does both, and pidgin does.

 > Dear developers, are there any problems with this patch? Is so, please
 share your thoughts. The community can help.
 Agreed - if you need alpha/beta testers, you know where you can find
 willing & eager participants.

 DEVS - I don't want to sound completely ungrateful for what really is a
 great app, we do honestly appreciate all the hard work you have put into
 this project, but is there something holding up the inclusion of this
 patch for carbons?

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