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#16079: How We Loss Weight Easily With Supplements
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 After I had my the that's team that I thought I would just kind of bounce-
 back never did it still and I’m going to show a picture right now uh...
 aside if you look at them pavement hockey out and some of you are
 wondering why in ever get the full from full picture it's because I've
 literally that is not that picture he sees them and I decided to start
 with bob stern I fit in the house and congress indecent months
 unattractive Ukraine Blake how the flap coming down things talent seeing
 how they actually blends I wanted picture that he's anytime lifebelt like
 I would give up all night we[http://safercolonanalysis.com/SAFER COLON]
 certainly a need to look at that picture to keep going that was a
 motivation being seen excuse me.

  I will look like that so long haul weight loss shank Andy inspections I
 think talk a lot about my inside autonomy debriefing chains uh... they
 will take you have to select and uh... and owns all the other things you
 can hear that you have to sweat and didn't see reset cardie plot use you
 know at abs workouts gets at that time and everybody in sixteen during the
 whole journey and was seen you know the numbers on the scale landowning my
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 kind of hard down it want to bring believe it just still traded bothered
 me I’d never stops it is one hundred pounds of is that before I literally
 capon downcast o moving captain being motivated to me headache.

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