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#16113: muscle care
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 integrity making good choices about your health energetic integrity
 telling yourself asocial stores giving up all superstitions and ideas
 about proving yourself or guilt associated with not being with the world
 told you should[http://anabolicrx24rev.com/ Anabolic RX24]  have been
 either through religion politics are parents respecting yourself and
 integrity is the word the jewel carried with you as you fourth and age
 done ogle home from a weakened squad skinny 210 pounds of solid muscle del
 Monte now living large and out at the gym then so can you like you may
 watch a lot of MMA and I'mnot personally apply to myself least not in the
 physical sense of %uh many other people of I like the fight for other
 things in life bottom I'm gonna teach your exercise to learn from MMA
 fighters and how they warm up their shoulders before someother of from
 there are wrestling workout and on very simple you get but a 25 35 pound
 play mention you around the world's I find a doing this about 10 to 15 per
 15 times in each direction one of the best shoulder warm-ups ever know
 what I like to do my first that is work with 25 pounds for about 10-15
 reps and then we'll go to 35pounds and a 45 pounds for the third set after
 three set to 15 I without progression your shoulder cane pretty are pretty
 juiced up and age try a really good shoulder workout sock give that a shot
 around the world with about 25 35 45 home plate wassup options so a lot of
 people asking this question what do you do to stay motivated I think the
 big thing you gotta look at is your environment and I'll give you guys
 some more insightful ideas and Austar office and more practical pointers
 practically you know I work out in the gym where there's a lot of it
 people on my friends are all in amazing shape I I surround myself with
 people to have goals that are doing things that are exciting in life so
 that keeps you positive and keeps youmotivated I think the biggest thing
 is to surround yourself with people who are living large any just from a
 businessstandpoint all over a handful my friends around 7-8figure
 businesses are always traveling there competing in shows one-year in that
 environment you can’t help but not stay motivated are my brothers are
 high-level athletes my wife lives and breathes the lifestyle sold your
 environment as well ultimately is going to help me stay motivated are a
 couple more insightful things is you know the ask yourself what are your
 reasons why you know you need to know why you're doing it so why do you
 want to build muscle why do youwanna six pack to look at for girls all why
 do you want to look good for girls on any got to keep asking and peeling
 the onion and you'll find that there's a there's adept emotional reason
 that you really want to do this and um I'll share quickly you know a lot
 of the reasons why the if you can only come to core values that's right
 that's when it becomes really powerful so for example for me want to my
 core values in life is that my word is my bond suffice and gonna do
 something then you know that's all I have in life my work so I don't
 follow through the people can't rely on me they can't count on what I say
 as being troops of I say to somebody I'mgonna bill also died all fall
 through my goal it's not that I didn’t XIV this

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