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#16136: skin care viraan
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 parent free no animal testing means no synthetic fragrance and gluten-
 free[http://deliabellaantiaging.com/ Delia Bella] has a very fine mess
 which I love soul when you despair your face it's not like your skin's
 really saturated now that I'm here doing this video I have noticed a
 pattern know their coconut products it's a decor Saenz cocaine at hand and
 body lotion and this stuff too small so good my skins really dry so I like
 something that's really hydrating and he says there is a hundred percent
 be here in we Anglo and free nope hair bands arm and just a bunch stuff
 that is probably bad for you which I'm just now finding out about the next
 thing that I got is actually this its organic virgin coconut oil and aunts
 and refined I've had this for probably my and proud a little less than a
 month and you can see how much I've used survey it’s a solid but when you
 put it on here your hand it actually melts into and oil which is so-called
 a shower at night so I apply again bit on my body on my face my defeat
 especially and this keeps me hydrated even back in the morning time and
 yes I send a pine this oil on my face and it does not cause met break out
 this is anti-inflammatory anti-fungal anti AG if you're thinking about
 buying is definitely getting angry fine because I didn't know this but
 refined it .

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