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#16141: weight loss happen
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 I just here by card I can already tagged I got a big game yeah I'm here
 the but the name few Mario that's okay I love it for so it begins now got
 your transformation now I'm every girl kook so we got the merger deal okay
 the caustic and I can take you to the airport for flight at 11 get back in
 your car go home and packgotta come with your okay we've got an incredible
 journey ahead of us but she's got so much positivity in so much drive that
 it will be a problem I'm ready by rise them their world turns upside down
 immediately and I give them two hours get packed get on a plane was never
 going to camp there has to be a great change in the life story before
 transformation can begin to occur this is the California Health mind
 evidence to I Luke and is a wonderful way for us to pull the modest
 disasters and I meant that the rain and Britain in a neutral place week
 and then Prime their bodies and their minds for the next 12 months we got
 a lot going on for your you're really going to pull medical screening here
 in the knee with a nutritionist first I need to a UN so what I needed to-
 do. aged of stairs get change and I mean me jump back in an hour okay
 death doing can had cell where the back to the Institute at the loading
 docks and there are skills large enough to accommodate you inside cell
 this is very happily higher end of the scale yeah that way ready things
 happened yeah we've got our work cut out
 [http://lysocleansefinland.com/ lyso cleanse] for us you think is going to
 be quite the journey 156 pounds is an old how does that happen no not
 taking down and take yourself everybody else could tires card subpoena you
 can take every step you can take care anybody I the brain my mind is dies
 overwhelmed and I just


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