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#16146: weight loss just
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 you're a star live in hand grasses 256 pounds or less larger commitment
 the last year has been are yet one of the most rewarding years my entire
 life and just to have so many people cheering me on you know being just as
 happy for me as I was for myself of town 200 pounds in one year I mean
 that's huge accomplishment the biggest thing I've learned at this Paul
 processes you have to love yourself you have to love yourself enough to
 know that your worth [http://simplygreencoffeebeans.com/ Simply Green
 Coffee Bean]  every tear that comes out your eyes your worth every muscle
 that hurts you are worth every piece a sweat that drenches you sure you're
 just worth it and you are you're worth it for as long as it takes that was
 the hardest thing is putting everything on hold and having to do so much
 for myself and make everybody else can it take a back seat and wait but it
 was so worth it yeah PC the smile on her face and that confidence that she
 s that's not weight loss that’s transformation estate ever should using
 Milan year that man you worked really hard in yougonna feel like I have my
 daughter back bit better because she's happy she’s healthy she's energetic
 she's got that strengthen the energy to go reading and doing it whatever
 she wants my mom's reaction was best it's good to hear say how proud she
 wasn’t me it's like I've finally did it she truly is happy for me I have a
 ways to go and I realize that but she's in there and she's going to come
 out that's been here Gershwin everything going against her and she still
 did I mean you were home give me an excuse here’s the scene she's got two
 kids yes take care she has a husband had a stroke in his left side of his
 body she's working a full-time job just to support them anchovies 200
 pounds in the year so give me an excuse tell me why you can't do it hotel
 accommodations provided by Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Caliph 101
 ways to leave game show is all new tomorrow one person there you go one-
 year faster one amazing transformation 0 my name's Chris Powell this is
 what I get spots

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