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#16154: skin care jee
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 day but it's a good one is if you have no husking or on skin where you
 just get like clogged pores are you this is right I'm gore's right here
 and there's always the new kid I'm fix them you can't fix it with a manual
 scrub but I really don't sit just isn't much on going to the right here in
 circuit and for that type of clients you know that time okay but I do use
 this once or twice a week or if you want a less expensive option that as
 one I'm trying to tell you about that kind of stuff too philosophy makes
 wine in it is called I am per month it is called the micro delivery I'm my
 the jewelry cleanser an answer daily cleanser they have my phone bill
 repeals plus he has a ton uprights it and althea skin care company so it's
 been products in love usual on education on it is very difficult to figure
 out which is what she needs some that's another thing I was going today
 your number one priority in skin care into find somebody that you trust
 now you can listen to what[http://lumahydrateaustralia.com/ luma hydrate]
 I had to say and what I use similar okay all she has great skin so out on
 interest her or you could say she has a key skin so I when I trust her I
 know I don't like what she isn't just a river or she's carrying your skin
 look with makeup like this anymore I’m happy to say let me skills like
 without makeup because Ideally do leave a trail really heard I've tried
 every product out there any very passionate when it comes to skin care
 everything care about me your skin care is like a whole notherballgame I'm
 telling ask anyway that's known me for years I train and everything okay
 now I'm tell you about some have .

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