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#16164: muscle build ticket 3333
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 going to have carbohydrates in virtually all your meals throughout the
 course of the day for guys that are over ten percent body fat which I
 would consider I would consider fact but I would consider you have to lose
 fat op would manipulate your crabs primarily after the workouts and that's
 it so I would still so again if you're less than 10 percent body fat out
 have a car and protein-based meal so maybe like some oatmeal cottage
 cheese too slow digesting kind of foods after work I'll I would have
 something fast on you know eight whites would be great meal with some
 vegetables and some white rights out the great you're right after work go
 I’m those two options now if you're over 10 percent body fat out as
 [http://purenitratefacts.com/ Pure Nitrate] a protein and of fat meal so
 you could have like protein shake that hit the gym or you could have aches
 and beef and you can have some eighties and some vegetables with no crabs
 then hit the gym so again it depends on what your body fat levels are of
 bitch which dictates whether you havecarbs before train this next question
 goes to Nick Nicknazis he says why do some women have a hard time building
 muscle on the back of their legs and what is the best way to train the
 back at the lakes for women so the best way to train back at the laces you
 have to understand the fiber type up includes and your hamstrings .

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