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#16083: solution to some tbugs
 Reporter:  awad    |       Owner:  EionRobb
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  Version:  2.10.9  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by deryni):

 Writing code to fix bugs without knowing anything about the code that has
 the bugs is an exceedingly ridiculous thing to do as it helps no one.

 We, the pidgin project, have no idea what "steps" you and your friend are
 following or want to take. If this is part of a class, as QuLogic guessed,
 then you need to realize we have absolutely no connection to that class in
 the slightest. If you need approval to move on to some other step then you
 need to ask the people actually responsible for the class about that. You
 might also want to tell them that they should explain how this class works
 in better detail (as well as how contributing to existing projects should
 be approached).

 Not a single one of the proposed solutions even approaches being remotely
 like an actual solution or containing useful code or ideas.

 The spamming of trac with new tickets that break down the individual
 points of the pdf attached to this ticket doesn't help anyone either as it
 just wastes our collective time.

 If you, or your friend, actively want to help solve any bugs that pidgin
 actually has then you should follow QuLogic's advice about contacting us
 and finding places that might actually be amenable to your efforts and
 then actually look at the code involved and try to make meaningful
 suggestions and changes.

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