[Pidgin] #15621: libpurple Gadu-Gadu HTML tags problem

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#15621: libpurple Gadu-Gadu HTML tags problem
 Reporter:  biszkopcik  |       Owner:  tomkiewicz
     Type:  defect      |      Status:  closed
Milestone:              |   Component:  Gadu-Gadu
  Version:  2.10.7      |  Resolution:  invalid
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Comment (by tomkiewicz):

 Setting PURPLE_MESSAGE_NO_LINKIFY flag would be a horrid workaround.

 Are you sure, that outgoing messages are plain-text on the Spectrum side?
 The part of code you mentioned is about '''displayed''' text, not sent.
 Just take a look at the code few lines below:

         if (displayed && (priv->features & PURPLE_CONNECTION_FLAG_HTML) &&
                 !(msgflags & PURPLE_MESSAGE_RAW)) {
                 sent = g_strdup(displayed);
         } else
                 sent = g_strdup(message);

 In the case of gg prpl (without PURPLE_CONNECTION_FLAG_HTML being set),
 mangling with _NO_LINKIFY flag shouldn't make a difference. It would be
 best if you added some debug prints to the libpurple code:

 static void
 common_send(PurpleConversation *conv, const char *message,
         PurpleMessageFlags msgflags)
         int err = 0;

         purple_debug_info("test", "common_send(%s)", message);

         purple_debug_info("test", "common_send displayed=[%s] sent=[%s]",
                 displayed, sent);
         msgflags |= PURPLE_MESSAGE_SEND;

 I'm not even a Spectrum user, so it would be best if someone familiar with
 Spectrum code team looked at it.

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