[Pidgin] #16248: *Sugestion* Search bar for buddies

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Fri May 23 15:33:15 EDT 2014

#16248: *Sugestion* Search bar for buddies
 Reporter:  Rentium      |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
Milestone:               |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.9       |   Keywords:  Search Bar Buddies
 I have a suggestion, my Facebook account and GTalk together have around
 300 buddies and sometimes it's an hassle to search for a specific buddy, i
 think it would be useful to add a search bar, either at the top or bottom
 of the GUI to search buddies(much like the Facebook search).
 It's a simple suggestion i think wouldn't be hard to implement and could
 improve the overall experience and make pidgin user-friendlier.

 Anyway, Thanks for the excellent program and for spending the time reading
 my suggestion.

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