[Pidgin] #16224: Pidgin crashes when gstreamer-0.10/registry.bin is missing

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#16224: Pidgin crashes when gstreamer-0.10/registry.bin is missing
 Reporter:  CarltonF  |       Owner:  EionRobb
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Comment (by CarltonF):

 Replying to [comment:1 deryni]:
 > Is that backtrace repeatable? I don't see gstreamer in there anywhere.
 The issue is repeatable by simply removing the registry.x86_64.bin file.

 > What part of the gstreamer docs are you referring to in your comment? (I
 took a quick look around just now but didn't see it, but I'm not at all
 familiar with gstreamer so I may just not have been looking in the right
 I don't seem to find gstreamer 0.10 doc on the official site, where there
 is only docs for 1.0. Here is the key quote:

 "This function should be called before calling any other GLib functions.
 this is not an option, your program must initialise the GLib thread system
 using g_thread_init() before any other GLib functions are called. "

 PS: This paragraph is not in the 1.0 doc, though the same issue also
 happens on openSUSE 13.1, which seems to have pidgin work with GStreamer
 1.0. For 1.0, the registry file is

 I am actually a complete newbie to both GStreamer and pidgin. I've noticed
 the relation to GStreamer only by accident: for a newly installed machine,
 pidgin "usually" crashes when it starts for the first time, so I guessed
 it has something to do with some user configuration files. By calling
 "strace pidgin", I found during startup, pidgin would try to load this
 registry file and optionally create it if it doesn't exist yet. The
 "usually" comes as this registry file is shared by all GStreamer
 applications, and if you've started another gstreamer app before pidgin,
 the pidgin will work normally as registry file would already exist. Then I
 went ahead to read the startup code of "rhythmbox", a music player based
 on GStreamer that doesn't have this issue, and noticed the early
 invocation of "gst_init" there. So I tried the same, and it seems to
 resolve this issue.

 I've noticed there are "sound" and "gtkmedia" in the debug log. Maybe
 these two are related to gstreamer?

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