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#16440: I have to do some things
 Reporter:  rileygul  |      Owner:  EionRobb
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 I have to do some things to try to help with that and I also have under
 eye wrinkles and I feel like if you have wrinkles the best thing to do is
 really not put concealed on them because there’s almost nothing that
 doesn't settle into them and make
 [http://svelmeantiwrinkle.com/complexiderm/ Complexiderm] them look worse
 and it seems like the more product you put on the worst a lot but if you
 have dark circles then that's where you want to put the product so that
 you can get ready get our circle so I think it's kinda trade-off would
 rather have you dark circle showing your ankle showing your popular
 showing obviously we want nothing showing we’ll have to look perfect in
 young in 20 years old but sadly on I don't think it's in the cards for us
 so let's get started with the reviews are the products alrightsomething
 for my glasses on to .

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