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#16441: have to hold back tears
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 have to hold back tears because it's going to be like seeing my old
 friends up there again to buy used to compete with people that I that I A
 I read about my interview years and years ago to be really nice plaintiff
 old in cuerpo 220 pounds five-feet nine-inches' mister America for time
 mister universe and seven-time mister world originally from Rayne
 Louisiana he now resides in Costa Mesa Caliph and is the marketing
 director for each gym equipment [http://www.ketoneadvancedfacts.co.uk
 /prima-cleanse-plus/ Prima Cleanse Plus] company at forty eight years of
 age four-year believes he can to people and win the masters Olympia
 titleyeah of go bowl fun K yeah for me it's something that I've always
 wanted to do to me being big and strong goes as far back as was 5 years
 old I use to either by the bodybuilding magazines when I have money and
 when I didn't have money I'd steal from the grocery store and look at the
 pictures I remember it had to be in five years old because I couldn’t
 reach all I could do was look at the pictures but at that time debts and I
 wasn't at that time really clear that you used to weights to build a big
 strong body like it I just knew that when I grew up that's what I wanted
 to look like I Irecall my grandfather head go a barber shop and I used to
 shine shoes in his barber shop.
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