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#16448: world I will probably
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 world I will probably be in one instance go down in history as the best
 bodybuilding world because the one reason I will outlast everybody I've
 been doing this now going on thirty-five years thirty-five years from now
 found a lot I’ll still be doing I'll be training with the same enthusiast
 simply because I love to trade well to me likes taking the Masters contest
 that’s coming up I don't care for prize money is twenty-five thousand
 dollars twenty-five [http://www.ketoneadvancedfacts.co.uk/prima-cleanse-
 plus/ Prima Cleanse Plus] dollars and twenty five cents a blue ribbon I'm
 just going there because the contest is only a measure a yardstick for me
 to see if F 48 years old I can be better that I was ever before in my life
 that'sthat's my motivation and I don't care if I come out first are dead
 last in the contest what I'm looking for is to accomplish that goal of
 being better than I've ever been to fourteen then he said well how do you
 gauge that it’s certainly not by the judges I really don't care what the
 judges think because what I step on the stage I don't have any control of
 what the judge is all I can do is prepare myself this the best I can what
 I’m looking for sick people that I respect to know me all my life finished
 with who will tell me the truth and see if they if that contest to live in
 Asia hey you know you look better than he never loved before the end
 that's the satisfaction I get out but it's the total result that you get
 from being the best you can be because you got to look at the contest the
 bodybuilding contest is only a matter of opinion also other people love
 you basically what you doing is .
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