[Pidgin] #2448: Allow users to "Send To" specific XMPP resources

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Wed Nov 19 10:24:30 EST 2014

#2448: Allow users to "Send To" specific XMPP resources
 Reporter:  kentyman                                |       Owner:  deryni
     Type:  enhancement                             |      Status:  new
Milestone:                                          |   Component:  XMPP
  Version:  1.x                                     |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  send to xmpp jabber resource resources  |

Comment (by lameventanas):

 This bug makes pidgin pretty much useless with XMPP, which is strange
 because it should be the best supported protocol since its opensource.

 It is sad that this bug is still present after '''7 years''', and the
 developers haven't tried to fix it.  Heck, its not even recognized as a
 bug, its marked as "new enhancement".

 And we are not even talking about some complicated thing like audio or

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