[Pidgin] #16475: New release 2.10.11 STILL won't connect MSN accounts

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Mon Nov 24 21:58:32 EST 2014

#16475: New release 2.10.11 STILL won't connect MSN accounts
 Reporter:  Chronia  |      Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
Milestone:  2.10.12  |  Component:  MSN
  Version:  2.10.11  |   Keywords:  connection MSN
 I had this problem with 2.10.10 and was told it would be fixed for version
 2.10.11. The update notes even say it has been fixed, but it hasn't! I
 updated to 2.10.11 and signed in. One of my MSN accounts appeared to be
 online but it only showed one of my contacts online. My husband WAS online
 on his pidgin at the time but was NOT showing as online on my end (he has
 also updated to the newest version). Having sent a test message to him
 anyway he did NOT receive it. So while on my end I appeared to be signed
 in and connected I actually was not. As for my other MSN account it just
 plain didn't connect in anyway shape or form, it didn't even look like it
 was connected, it was offline from my end.  I tried this yesterday. Today
 when I tried again, neither msn account would connect at all or even look
 like they had connected as the one had yesterday. Please can you actually
 fix this? I can't stand using skype for an MSN chat client! Not only that
 but half my contacts are not ON skype. Please fix this soon.

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