[Pidgin] #16479: Some strings cannot be pasted into dialogue window

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Fri Nov 28 18:16:28 EST 2014

#16479: Some strings cannot be pasted into dialogue window
 Reporter:  dantragof  |      Owner:  EionRobb
     Type:  defect     |     Status:  new
Milestone:             |  Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.10.10    |   Keywords:  paste url highlighting
 Some strings cannot be pasted into dialog window.

 Example of such string - "http://*-Р*" (note that the P is cyrillic; *
 stands for any substring).

 Also it is important that such substring should trigger url highlighting;
 thus "https://-Р" will not be pasted, too, yet "ttps://-Р" will work just

 Another very weird specifics is that text should be copied from outside
 Pidgin: if someone will send me such url, i can copy it from the dialogue
 and paste it back with no problems; yet if i paste it into
 notepad/opera/explorer/whatever, then copy it and then try to paste it
 back into pidgin, i will get empty string instead of my paste.

 I tested for the sensivity of the bug to the "\r\n" vs "\n" problem - as
 far as i could understand, it is not affected by it.

 Thus, for paste to fail, the following statements should be true:

 1) string triggers url highlighting (starts with http[s]://, for example)

 2) string should contain "-Р" somewhere in the highlighted area

 3) text should be copied from outside Pidgin
 If the string in question is contained in a bigger string as a substring,
 the paste produced is like this:
 actual text -

 a http://-Р b

 paste produced -
 a c

 Note that everything from the beginning of the url to the end of line was
 eaten away.

 Another interesting fact is that if i paste "ht tp://-Р", and then
 manually remove the space, the resulting string will become properly
 highlighted after i send it (but not during the editting of the message).
 Yet, if i paste "http://- Р", and then manually remove this space, only
 the part of the link prior to and including the "-" will become
 highlighted on being sent.

 Issue was tested under Windows 8-x64, for pidgin versions 2.10.07 and
 2.10.11 with all plugins disabled.
 Under NixOS, for pidgin 2.10.10 / gtk+-2.24.24, everything works fine.

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