[Pidgin] #16450: 2.10.10 Build not working / NSIS Script Error?

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#16450: 2.10.10 Build not working / NSIS Script Error?
 Reporter:  kumpa                                |       Owner:  EionRobb
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  Version:  2.10.10                              |  Resolution:
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  crosscompile                                   |

Comment (by kumpa):

 Thank you for your reply datallah - I've solved the problem yesterday:
 You're right - strip.exe / binary of gcc compiler suite has got a
 permission problem. The "PidginDevRoot" Folder (parent folder of
 pidgin-2.10.10 and win32-dev) was at the path C:\devel\ like the
 BuildingWinPidgin-howto told me. But that's a problem at windows7 (I think
 it's because window's User Account Control?). The solution is to change
 the "PidginDevRoot" Folder to your User-Account for example (e.g.
 C:\Users\myUserAccount\PidginDevRoot\...). NSIS, Cygwin, Perl goes to C:\.
 Worked fine for me!

 best regards and thank you very much

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