[Pidgin] #16475: New release 2.10.11 STILL won't connect MSN accounts

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#16475: New release 2.10.11 STILL won't connect MSN accounts
 Reporter:  Chronia         |       Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  pending
Milestone:                  |   Component:  MSN
  Version:  2.10.11         |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  connection MSN  |

Comment (by Mwd4d0P):

 Man, the tone of the OP...  a lot more details, and possibly more rigorous
 testing, are required before anyone can begin to tackle the problems.

 However, I do want to add this to the pile of MSN bugs:

 While manually updating the MSN DLL for v2.10.10 fixed my non-Skype-
 enabled MSN/Hotmail accounts, the update to v2.10.11 showed one new
 change: the only account that had zero account issues (of the non-Pidgin
 variety) after patching, is now the only account that's not showing up on
 any of the other MSN contact lists.  (I'll call it "X" starting now.)

 Rolling back to v2.10.10 (with the manual patch) showed no change, so it
 seems like an MSN problem, i.e., non-Pidgin.  I know the Outlook servers
 have been pretty bad about account setting changes with crazy delays, WTF
 outputs, and security BS, so this could very well be some kind of idiotic
 account data propagation lag.

 But what made X show up again on a couple of the other contact lists (only
 my own) while properly displaying the other online contacts (my own,
 again), was to remove and re-add the contacts/accounts on both ends, i.e.,
 X's list other accts' lists.  This resulted in the reappearance of X as an
 "online" contact, however, the name associated with X was automatically
 changed to the "first name"-only on other lists... so again, this looks to
 be an MSN issue.

 At this point, I won't remove and re-add X's many other contacts that
 showed up regularly only days before, or the rest of my accounts; only the
 absolute essentials for work.  This way, if it's really a server-side MS
 issue (hopefully just propagation lag or something equally slow and
 stupid), then it'll be easy to detect when that one account shows up

 Incidentally, the results are the same on XP(x86) and W7(x64) machines.

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