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#16413: You want to doglike high intensity
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 You want to doglike high intensity intervals for some cardio like maybe to
 the four times a week but not every day and strength training so for you
 to increase the metabolism what you really need to do is to build lean
 body mass because muscle [http://www.optimalstackfacts.org/my-experience-
 with-alpha-fuel-xt/ Alpha Fuel XT] burns I'm person morning or how many
 percent I forgot but it burns more calories when you just sit around so
 you know the key the cardio burns only when you do it but arm so this way
 you know don’t stress a focus on the cardio I'll for you really need to
 increase in maintenance calories you want to eat mourned in and I'll
 better you know lean toned on and been the  you will Yahoo to do some Lee
 pushups on I you doing any strength training right now I Chester Rd I why
 I that way death wrangling yeah I people I former budget right operator
 ha-ha I don't let me outbreak great well so this wonderful you know three
 times a week this is .

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